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Ellie is a Polaris TSA trainee. Here, Ellie explains how the Polaris programme has stood out for her.

Emily is another of our Polaris TSA trainees. Here, she tells us of her own Polaris experience.

Other Testimonials

“I am delighted that I have been through the School Direct ITT programme. The help and support I received from the moment I started my PGCE year was outstanding. The course was interesting and well run with a great combination of the practical and theoretical. I chose this route because I wanted a schools-based approach where I could immediately apply new skills I had learnt. Being with teachers who were passionate about their role meant I was able to learn a range of skills and techniques to use in my own classroom. I was delighted when I finished my PGCE year to find employment in one of my placement schools. I feel I was able to quickly adapt to the demands of my NQT year because I already understood many of the systems in place.”

A previous trainee who is now teaching in one of our schools


“From the moment Jenna began her placement in my class, she showed proactivity, resilience and determination in a way I would not expect from a student. She is forward thinking, helpful and extremely reflective. Her ability to settle into a new environment and quickly understand the children’s needs is outstanding – she is able to confidently talk about any child’s academic, personal and social strengths and is able to adapt her teaching to meet these needs. Jenna plans and teaches well-structured and engaging lessons and the children respond extremely well to her. Jenna has excellent relationships with all children, which are routed in mutual respect. Jenna is kind, polite and has been a genuine pleasure to work with.”

A current cohort school-based mentor (NB: the trainee’s name has been changed)


“The great thing about having a School Direct trainee is that we are deeply involved in all aspects of their training. They are ‘one of ours’ from the outset and we can develop and shape them in line with our school practices and ethos. I have a previous trainee teaching in my school who has just finished mentoring one of our current cohort of trainees. It’s very satisfying to see the whole thing come full circle.”

One of our head teachers

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